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Fuel SystemService and Repair

Nexar auto repair will perform fuel system check for leaks and poor operation.

The function of the vehicle fuel system is to store and supply fuel to the engine.  The engine intake system is where the fuel is mixed with air, atomized, and vaporized.  Then it can be compressed in the engine cylinder and ignited to produce energy or power.  Although fuel systems vary from engine to engine, all systems are the same in that they must supply fuel to the combustion chamber and control the amount of fuel supplied in relation to the amount of air.


The fuel is stored in the fuel tank and the fuel pump draws fuel from the tank.  It then travels through the fuel lines and is delivered it through a fuel filter to the fuel injectors (carburetors and throttle body injection were used on older vehicles).  As the fuel is delivered, the final conditions for providing complete combustion are atomization and the spray pattern of the fuel.  Atomization is accomplished as a result of the injection pressure, due in part to the diameter of the holes in the injector.  The spacing, angle and number of holes in the injector tip determine the spray pattern.


Depending on whether your vehicles fuel system is a return type or return less type system, the fuel pressure is regulated differently.  A return type system has a fuel pressure regulator that varies the fuel pressure based on the amount of vacuum from the intake system.  This is so the amount of fuel pressure and flow of fuel as it reaches the injectors remains consistently the same.  when you come to Nexar auto repair fuel system department in Houston town, will make sure that all your vehicle fuel system components are working probably and we will check for leaks and performance .


brake service

Brakes Pulling, Pulsating, Making Noise? Pedal Mushy, Hard to Press, Or Low? ABS Light On? Car Not Stopping Right? Nexar Auto is your one-stop shop for brake maintenance, diagnosis, and repair. Let Nexar Auto Repair Safety and Service Experts assist you with whatever your brake service needs may be.

Nexar auto repair – Houston wants your vehicle's brake system to offer smooth, quiet braking capabilities under a wide range of temperature and road conditions. This is the difference between semi-metallic pads and ceramic brake pads.

Standard brake service

Semi-metallic brakes contain more metal 30 percent to 65 percent---and more types of metals, including chopped steel wire or wool, copper, iron powder or graphite mixed with inorganic fillers. This type of brake pad is noisier, wears down the brake rotors faster and may not offer as good a brake performance during cooler temperatures than ceramic brake pads.

Ceramic brake service

The ceramic brake pads provide users with excellent braking benefits, without sacrificing the rotors to do so. And while more expensive than Simi-metallic brake pads, Nexar auto repair recommends Ceramic Brake Pads for your vehicle; because it does not produce the quantity of brake pad dust that metal pads can, with less noise. And Ceramic brake pads are stronger and lighter in color because it contains ceramic fibers, bonding agents, and nonferrous fillers. Also Ceramic Brake pads last longer than Simi-metallic brake pads.

Service Warranty Options

We offer only the best.

At Nexar auto repair in Houston, we are very confident in the work we perform on your vehicles. Because of that, we easily provide a full one year or 12,000 mile warranty on our repair work. This is a very long warranty because most independent auto repair companies and auto repair shops in dealerships only offer a few months (some only 90 days) warranty.


Here are the reasons why this warranty is easy for us to offer on our auto repair work:


  • Our employee skilled, experienced and ASE Certified or ASE Master Technicians to perform your auto repair work.

  • We choose the best quality parts and fluids for the repairs and maintenance.

  • We are truly experts at diagnostic work.

  • We have more and better equipment than most auto repair shops.

Springs & Suspension

When it comes to absorbing the shocks of the road, you'd think the shock absorbers would take care of everything. But you'd only be half right. Actually, coil or leaf springs handle the abuse of the road. Your shock absorbers handle the abuse caused by the rebound of the springs. They both work together to keep your vehicle under control. And those two components, plus a variety of control arms, shafts, rods, bushings, joints, and knuckles make up what's commonly called a conventional suspension. Many larger SUVs and pickup trucks still use this time-tested design.

No matter what kind of suspension you have, its operation is affected by your car's alignment, which determines everything from the position of your steering wheel to how your tires actually touch the road. Nexar auto repair suspension department will check your vehicle suspension and make sure that are working and operating fine.